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Why take an Intensive Driving Course In Shropshire

Why take an intensive driving course in Shropshire? One of the best locations for an Intensive driving course Shropshire offers stunning views, relaxed driving conditions and is a great place to learn to drive If you are not familiar with Shropshire then its best described as being 30 miles to the west of Birmingham. Shropshire…
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Intensive Driving Course Myths

When it comes to an Intensive Driving Course, it is totally down to you and your needs to think if this is the best option there are a few factors to keep in mind and we will go through those in a second. At Driver Training Ltd we have trained 100’s of people to pass…
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3 steps to Pass your driving test as quickly as possible

3 steps to Pass your driving test as quickly as possible From April 12th 2021 the government has announced that driving lessons can begin again, a rough estimate from the DVSA is, that there is a backlog of 420,000 tests, with an average of 20 weeks waiting time, this in all honesty is likely to…
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