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Why take an Intensive Driving Course In Shropshire

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Why take an Intensive Driving Course In Shropshire

Why take an intensive driving course in Shropshire?

One of the best locations for an Intensive driving course Shropshire offers stunning views, relaxed driving conditions and is a great place to learn to drive

If you are not familiar with Shropshire then its best described as being 30 miles to the west of Birmingham. Shropshire is a semi rural locations that houses large towns such as Telford, Shrewsbury and Ludlow to name just a few.

It is the perfect location to do an Intensive driving course, primarily for the reason that unlike some of the big city driving courses, you won’t be sat in rush hour traffic wasting precious hours that you have paid for – just to sit in a traffic jam

intensive driving courses shropshire

Intensive Driving Courses Shropshire

The traffic flow in Shropshire compared to many other growing towns is still relatively light and free flowing. There is such a variation of towns and roads in such a small travelling distance too.

Telford Shropshire

Telford is a new town, formed in the late sixties/early seventies and they built the main dual carriageway first and developed the town around it. So many roads are 50 mph or 60mph.

Intensive driving course telford shropshire

Intensive Driving Course Shrewsbury Shropshire

Shrewsbury is the exact opposite, a town whose origins go back to the 9th century and where the roads have been built around the town, the english bridge (pictured) has the old lights on it, that as you drive across on a foggy winters day, you really do expect to see a horse and carriage from victorian times on there!

The contrast of old and new is just as stark in Shrewsbury, although in the centre of town the roads can be one way, narrow and it some cases cobbled, Shrewsbury is circled by a 70 mph dual carriageway!

Shrewsbury also has a number of country roads to navigate