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Intensive Driving Course Myths

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Intensive Driving Course Myths

When it comes to an Intensive Driving Course, it is totally down to you and your needs to think if this is the best option there are a few factors to keep in mind and we will go through those in a second.

At Driver Training Ltd we have trained 100’s of people to pass their driving test first time with Intensive Driving Courses, so we speak from having a wealth of knowledge with both courses and weekly driving lessons

But what I’d like to do first is dispel a couple of Intensive Driving Course myths

Intensive Driving Course MYTHS

Myth 1 – You will be taught how to pass your test and not how to drive in the real world.

FALSE – Passing your driving test is EXACTLY how you will drive in the real world – The driving test is the same for everyone whether you have taken 2 weeks or 2 years learning to drive!

The test routes are the same – The driving examiners standards are the same – The traffic, pedestrians and scenarios you will face on your driving test differ from minute to minute!

So, to pass your driving test is a matter of showing how you deal with real world scenarios that are happening on your driving test. That is the same for everyone regardless of how long it has taken you to get to test standard.


Myth 2 – You can’t learn what you need to in 1 or 2 weeks.

FALSE – Ask most driving instructors “How many lessons roughly will I need to reach driving test standard, from new?” – They will likely reply “Most people take between an average of 35 to 45 hours”.

The DVSA recommends an average of 60-65 hours including private practice.

Interesting that they do not say you will need 6 -12 months of lessons! Why? Because its not the length of time that matters, but the number of hours!

So, if you have 40 hours of training over 4 weeks or 40 hours of training over 4 years, you have still only been driving for 40 hours.

intensive driving course myths

Myth 3 – You need more time to allow things to sink in

FALSE – Depending on your learning ability, if you have trained to do anything, starting a new job or trying to find your way around at a new school or college – Imagine trying to learn the guitar or piano and only being able to practice for 40-45 minutes and then going home again and not doing it again until the following week!

And then it only lasting for 40-45 minutes! It would become frustrating, because you know the more time you spend doing it, the quicker you get the hang of it, the easier it becomes and the more you enjoy it!

The same is true with an intensive driving course.


Myth 4Car sharing – You normally have to share the car with other learners throughout the day. So you will sit in the back seat and watch someone else learn at the same time too

TOTALLY FALSE – Any driving instructor who does this should be replaced as quickly as possible!! Even for weekly driving lessons you are paying me for an hour of my undivided time in teaching you.

You should NEVER have to share a car with another student under any circumstances – and on an intensive driving course, whatever hours you have paid for, those hours are spent with you as the sole trainee in the car!

 Intensive Driving Course Myths

Myth 5 – You will not be able to experience different types of weather. Driving in the rain is completely different to driving whilst it is dry. What if it does not rain during the week you are being taught

This is the same whether you take weekly driving lessons or an intensive driving course!

You may book one hour on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the beginning of June for 10 weeks and go for your driving test in August and throughout June, July and August not seen a drop of rain.

I’ve lost count of the number of times pupils on normal driving lessons will say, “oh its raining/foggy/Sunny my others lessons have all ben when its …..”

If you can schedule lessons knowing guaranteeing what the weather is going to be… You should be the world’s greatest fortune teller!